• Do you need to consult your PR strategy, are you re-focusing your external communication?
  • Do you need an editor for your web or social network profile, do you need to write a press release?
  • Are you working on written texts and doo you need a proof-reader?
  • Are you looking for a course of Czech for foreigners?
  • Are you interested in mindfulness, are you encumbered by stress, do you need a new time management strategy?

I am a woman of many parts which I’ve had the pleasure to play myself. The basic pillar of my skills, and at the same time my hobby, is communication. That is the foundation of working and private relations as well as the rituals underpinning our – people’s – sense of security.

I offer public relations consulting services. I can advise you how to build and maintain working relations with the press, how to manage crisis communication or an interview on-camera as well as how to prepare for a briefing. I can advise you with writing a press report or a press release. I myself wrote hundreds of those (on various topics) in the course of my career. Professional PR is based on your unique strategy, on thorough preparation and on relationships – both inside your organisation and outwards towards your audience. In short, communication is the basis for everything. In my previous post I worked as Chief Press Officer and Head of the Communications Department for the Czech Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs. I know from experience that fortune favours the prepared – not only in my particular field.

Copywriting is today omnipresent. I can advise you what to do with your texts. I can edit the contents of your company’s online presentation, as well as all your written outputs. Written outputs are the main calling card of your company – the way to attract the attention of potential customers.

I’m also a lecturer of Czech for foreigners. My mother tongue, Czech, is both beautiful and complex. It reflects the history of the Bohemian lands. As long as foreigners have private reasons for learning Czech, they can certainly master at least its basics. Personal motivation is a strong driver in this respect. During my career I’ve had many successful students who.

I love books. Leafing through books, turning pages or coming back to what you’ve already read is an experience that not even the best e-reader can match. My services include proof-reading and editing of written texts of all types. I am an experienced editor (magazines Týden, Instinkt), I was a proof-reader for the National Theatre Opera and I am an external editor for the XYZ Publishing House. In the near future, I will be writing my own book. I’ll be more than happy to help you write yours.

I also offer individual personal development consulting. If you want to boost your creativity, escape the daily stress, improve your time management, I can help you. If on your world’s journey you wish to nurture your inner artist, I’m here for you. If you need to relax your mind and return it to the present moment, I offer my services to you, through mindfulness techniques.